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TrilogyIce Laser Rejuvenation Facial

This facial treatment offers a unique combination of laser stimulation and LED light performance to combat the visible signs of advanced aging, tone and brighten your skin.


The laser stimulation activates cellular communication and increases oxygenation to the deep and superficial layers of skin enhancing the performance of collagen bonds.


This effect will strengthen your skin against gravity and brighten the overall appearance.


The LED light will stimulate collagen production and acts as an anti inflammatory to simultaneously promote healthy radiance and calm.


This relaxing treatment has little sensation and is a wonderful addition to your winter skin health program.


The final steps of relaxing with a specially formulated hyaluronic gel mask and scalp massage followed by moisturiser and SPF will hydrate and protect your skin leaving you feeling thoroughly refreshed.


*You will be required to attend a full consultation and patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment


Suitable for- Anyone over the age of 40
60 Minutes plus 30 minute prior consultation for first time appointments

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