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Elevate your beauty game with our range of lashes and brows services at Skin Fit Face and Body Clinic. It’s amazing how a simple brow shape, lash lift, or tint can enhance your overall look.

Whether you’re aiming for perfectly framed eyes or just looking to streamline your morning routine, our expert technicians are here to make it happen.

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lashes and brows


Lashlift and Tint

Elevate your lashes with a lashlift and tint combo. Achieve beautifully curled and darkened lashes that open up your eyes effortlessly.


Brow Lamination (including tint and wax)

Experience the magic of brow lamination. This service not only tames and shapes your brows but also includes tinting and waxing to create brows that perfectly frame your face.


Lashlift and Brow Lamination combined package

For a complete eye transformation, try our combined lashlift and brow lamination package. Enjoy curled lashes and well-defined brows in one visit.


Eyelash Tinting

Enhance your natural lashes with a professional eyelash tint. Achieve dark, striking lashes without the need for mascara.

Eyebrow Tinting

Add depth and definition to your brows with our eyebrow tinting service. Say goodbye to the daily brow routine with beautifully tinted brows.


Eyebrow Shaping

Get the perfect brow shape with our eyebrow shaping service. Our experts will sculpt your brows to perfection.


Brow and lash reshape and tint

Combine the best of both worlds with our brow and lash reshape and tint service. Enjoy stunningly framed eyes with both services in one go.



lashes and brows

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