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Well, collagen is the supporting structure within the skin layers – so pretty significant! We hear all the time from our clients that their main concern is loss of firmness in the skin, it is one of those ‘mm well its just a bit…you know…well not the same as it used to be…’ moments. Looking in the mirror you can’t quite put your finger on what has changed but you are pretty certain that the little downward softening just around the mouth and jawline may have something to do with it. This is where collagen comes in. Experts say that we make progressive collagen up until around our mid 20’s, then as we hit our 30’s the production stops (possibly earlier than that) and after 30 collagen actually decreases by about 1% per year thereafter. Collagen fibres give skin its shape and structure and act as the scaffolding within the dermal layers of the skin, so it becomes less strong and begins to slacken. The strong tight structure of the skin gives way to softer contours and small creases as well as more defined and deeper expression lines as aging progresses. This is where we go ‘Oh! what’s happening!?’ … What can we do?

The great news is that collagen production can be reignited – collagen plays a vital part in the healing process within the body tissues and when the skin is ‘damaged’ in any way the healing system begins. Once the area has calmed down the dermis is busy producing an emergency supply of collagen to knit together the tissues and repair the skin. Over the years in the beauty industry we have worked out that certain treatment techniques can encourage the skin to produce more collagen by triggering the healing process or by stimulation. Micro needling, chemical peeling and heat friction – radio frequency, are some of the methods we use.

So, if loss of skin firmness is your main concern then consider a WOW facial, the Nu Era skin tightening facial or even a combination of the two- the new WOW Firm and Tight. Skin firming and tightening here we come…..

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