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Well, we didn’t see that coming did we?….for those of you who didn’t hear the announcement made by the PM on Friday 31st, it was decided that as of the 1st August (next day) we would NOT be permitted to offer services to the face as these are classed as ‘close contact’ and therefore pose a risk of passing on Covid-19.

As you can imagine this was quite a set back not only for us as a business and as an industry but for our loyal clients who were very much looking forward to finally having eye brows, lips, chins and skin tended to.

We will obviously abide by the rules but we also feel that we take every precaution with our treatments to be safe and we risk assess as a salon and each individual client and treatment to make sure everyone gets the best possible outcome. My staff wear full PPE and we ask clients not to arrive if they are not feeling up it or have any specific symptoms of recent ill health.

Please be assured that this message is not designed to tell everyone that beauty facial treatments are not safe.

We have been given a review date of the 15th August before we will know when we can resume our facial treatments and we will all keep in contact with you to make sure you are aware.

What we CAN do:




Back treatments including back facials

Laser for body

Nu Era for cellulite and loss of firmness

LED LIGHT for face and neck (non contact)

On a brighter note!- we are having a new website built as we sit here sipping our green tea 🙂

This will mean all sorts of things that are good including: A new online store (hooray! you can shop with us for your fav products at any time of the day or night!) online Gift Vouchers, regular videos from me and the girls – yes I have told them they have to do it too…- showing you our favourite treatment tips.

We will also offer online consultations and even some online open evenings too!

So, it will take a few weeks more but work is under way so watch this space.

All of the therapists have now completed their Alumier training and can introduce you to the new products and the wonderful way you can interact with the brand via your own product portal.

Finally- Of course with the time we now have on our hands I have decided to limit our opening hours just temporarily in order to balance the demand for treatments with what we can sustain during these quite challenging times.

We are currently closed on Mondays- but I can answer emails for bookings

We will be closing early on some days owing to the staff being flexibly furloughed

Please don’t be alarmed if you see we are not there , we are! but we are taking it a bit easy in preparation for coming back in style hopefully by the end of August…….

If you need to contact us at any time you can call on 0208 941 0516 and leave a message, you can email us at info@skinfitclinic.co.uk or you can message us through the website www.skinfitclinic.co.uk

See you all very soon X

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