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Well here we are again- ready to be back and it is the downhill run to Christmas…. For us this lockdown has been a busy time for skin knowledge and e-learning. The whole team have had the opportunity to revamp their skills and knowledge or to recap some existing favourites. This time we were much more prepared! So the plan fell into place and our time was spent in our homes beavering away online or practicing on family or bubble friends. Emma and I completed our AlumierMD peel training and have sent off our video assessments for marking, Georgina and Sarah have been carrying out ‘at home facial’ tutorials. We have been demonstrating for all our clients how easy it is to get that wonderful winter glow in the comfort of your own home…….

When we arrive back in salon we will not be abandoning our at home advice so never fear! We will be posting regular updates all through the festive season.

So what do you need to know about caring for your skin this winter?

Well, as let’s look at the facts. At this time of year the temperature goes down and the colder days can leave skin feeling a little dry and lacking in lustre. As your body adjusts to the cold and re prioritises the distribution of heat through circulation, it is normal for the skin to be last in line. The tiny blood capillaries that usually give us oxygen and encourage cellular turnover contract in the cold and then dilate quickly in the sudden warmth of indoors – this gives our complexions an uneven pallor punctuated with spots of high colour. The slowing down of the skins cellular index causes dry patches and areas of spontaneous sensitivity.

If you are considering having a facial for the first time, this is the time to do it! Let your therapist advise you on how to care more effectively for your skin and what you can do at home to help keep the balance of your skin. This is the PERFECT time of year for skin peels, advanced exfoliation and more active ingredients to boost your skin. Look great for the new year….

Which products are right for me?

When choosing your skin products you will by now, have come across psycho babble waffle language like – Hyaluronic Acid, Retinoids, Retinol, Bakuchiol, and numerous celebrities recommending their favourite mainstream off the shelf choices with ‘C-complex’ ‘Miracle’ or Q- enhanced’ in bold on every jar. These are simply grand names for moisturising and exfoliating ingredients found in nearly all products at the moment. a simple guide below might help;

Read the label

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA serum, ingredient) – is just a water loving moisturiser, found in almost everything. Choose according to how much moisturization you feel you need- see below for guide on how to read the label.
  • Retinoids- generic term for a group of ingredients extracted as vitamin A from fruits, plants or synthetically derived in a lab. This is a stimulating ingredients that encourages the skin cellular activity to speed up. Sensitive to sunlight it must be applied AT NIGHT and washed off in the morning. This paired with a good exfoliator is all you need to keep your skin conditioned 24/7/365 – best used after the age of 30.
  • Peptides- ingredients bonded together that increase the activity in the skin cells- added to products to make them more active on the skin.
  • Chemical peels/acids- as it says, acids derived from fruits, plants and resins that are extracted chemically to ensure purity and these exfoliate dead skin cells.

So – how do we know whether what we are buying is what it says on the tin? Simple- READ the label on the back of the bottle. Product ingredients are listed in order of concentration. The FIRST ingredients are the ones that make up the bulk of the product. Most start with water of some kind followed by the active ingredients. If you are buying a serum that says it is a HA serum, just make sure that is one of the top tier ingredients, if it appears near the bottom of the list it will be a token gesture and largely ineffective.

Final advice……

The most important thing to remember is that you must choose according to your preference, budget and lifestyle. Whenever possible go for a brand that you can try before you buy, it will save in the long run.

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