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Here we are in 2021 and what a year it will be when we finally get back on the bus! Imagine it now, holiday sunning yourself on a white sandy beach, mocktail in hand and SPF on face…soaking up all the vitamin D like it is the alphabet olympics. Actually going Out Out will be a thing once again. Seeing all of your friends and relatives in a setting of your own choosing will become normal again and most importantly, we may be slightly less afraid of being unwell as the grip of this virus will have loosened thanks to the help science , evolution and sensible human interaction.

So Let’s Get Started..

So, are we prepared for this? of course we are- care, caution and consideration will still need to be taken for much time to come but we can do it!

In the meantime we can still look after our skin at home and start getting ready for the future.

Are post Christmas breakouts your problem? If you have had a similar Christmas to me, then you may have just eaten too much and possibly had a couple of glasses of wine too many. With another lock down now pending it will be easy to continue on the same path….

Too much sugar or various types can have a negative impact on skin as well as general health and may be causing breakouts to happen. Glycation, or the technical word for the damaging effects of glucose molecules on collagen, can also increase the speed at which skin collagen depletes. This will advance the visible effects of aging.

The science is relatively simple. Foods with a high glycemic index (added sugars, sugars and carbs) can cause inflammation in the body and more visibly in the skin. Yes. It does exacerbate acne. Although the condition acne vulgaris is more complex in nature, sugar sure can make it worse. The inflammation affects the base of the pore or hair follicle and attracts bacteria- bingo you have a breakout.

It is not just acne that is affected though, eczema can also be activated by that same inflammation.

So it could be time to start working on the damage!

Returning to Normal or Better Still- Improving Habits for 2021

The first thing is obviously to try to return your eating habits to more normal. Lower your intake of simple sugars and hydrogenated fats . Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and lean meat. In the winter months we need essential vitamins such as Vitamin D and Vitamin B to strengthen our immune systems and boost our moods.

A nutritionist I particularly like to refer to is Jane Clarke and you can visit her website at https://www.nourishbyjaneclarke.com/pages/our-story and for those who are at ‘that’ stage in midlife and are feeling out of sync with your skin and body please do tune in to ‘Postcards from the Midlife’ podcast with Trish Halpin and Lorraine Candy from the Times podcasts found on both Android and IOS devices. I found these to be both informative and entertaining!


Managing your Skin at Home

Once on the right track internally we can start looking after the skin we can see. First, bacteria caused by inflammation loves to feed! So your skin care routine will need to adapt to do two things:

  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Manage and reduce bad bacteria

We do need certain types of bacteria on the skin so the management of this is essential. It is too easy to reach for the neat tea tree oil and use it ceremoniously day and night. You need to think about balance. The skin can be easily stripped of all bacteria leaving it vulnerable and open to further complications.

As those of you who know me, know I favour the gentle but effective approach of using specially formulated acids to condition, exfoliate and rebalance the skin. Used with care these can be your saviour and improve your skin’s appearance dramatically and quickly.

Salicylic acid used in smaller amounts and buffered in good quality carriers is highly effective at absorbing oil, cleaning the pores of bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Which Products for Me?

Our favorite product of the season for this?

Alumier Bright and Clear Solution RRP £39.50 Controls breakouts, respects the PH of skin and only needed once a day for around 3 – 5 days.

TOP TIP: Cleanse your face at night to remove make up and pollution- in the morning simply splash with cold water before putting your moisturiser on. One cleanse is enough for any skin especially troubled skin.

Even break out prone skins need moisturising – remember to always use a moisturiser no matter what. Protection prevents imbalances becoming worse and keeps the hydro lipid protection in tact. Use a specially formulated moisturiser with either lactic acid (dry skins) or salicylic acid (oily skins) will speed the recovery and reduce the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Alumier Hydra light moisturiser – Oily skins

Alumier Hydra dew moisturiser – dry skins

Dermalogica Active moist – oily skins

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance – dry skins

Circadia- Aquaporin – all skin types

And don’t forget your SPF!!

Anyway enough of my ramblings for now, I will be posting some short videos on FB and IG an the above over the next week or so so please do look out for them. @skinfitfbclinic

Look after yourselves


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