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Since the 12th April life seems to have changed- we have been from locked down to let out (with caution) and the feeling this time around has been very different. We all seem to be more positive, more confident and a lot happier than before. We can philosophise about why this is, perhaps the vaccine effect? perhaps just glad to be heading for a summer with friends and family once more or being able to move around more freely.

Whatever it is, it is great!

So I am now looking around at the left overs of my lock down life – a half reconditioned bedside table, lots of flat packed boxes, a few exotic cooking ingredients (what was I ever going to make with pink peppercorns and what will i do with 5 kilos of spelt flour?!) and A LOT of skin care products…….

I can guess that there are perhaps a few other bathroom shelves out there that could warrant a Boots style inventory system?

Buying skin care from the internet is the big way to go now, even more accessible than ever and with more and more choices available. Brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Sarah Chapman, Drunk Elephant, PSA Skin, TRUE skin care, The Ordinary, This Works, to name but a very few have all been propelled into the spotlight since the pandemic struck and we all became online shoppers overnight. Hailed as the best ever by Tik Tokkers and influencers the world over these seem to be the right thing, don’t they?…..

However, it is very easy to fall into the pattern of buying ‘highly recommended products’ on a whim especially if they are very reasonably priced. Have you ever bought a cream or serum on impulse because it is only £6.50?….then another one because it is £3.75…..or £7.00? and the advertisement says it will offer ‘luminous skin with added ingredients for Rejuvenation’

Before you know it you will have at least 3 or 4 products on your shelf that you are not using and in fact, don’t really know how to use or when. What does ‘Rejuvenation’ mean? and what ingredients does it have to do that?…This can be a false economy and misleading.

So, why not have a consultation and find out exactly what your skin needs, then purchase a product that you DO need and will treasure because it is that bit more in price but you know what it will do for you?

Most skin types require simply a good cleanser, a hydrating product (either serum or moisturiser- or both) an exfoliating product and an SPF. That’s it!

Night creams tend to be a marketing dream, for the most part you need something so keep the skin hydrated at night and this can be the same moisturiser as the day but without the SPF.

Exfoliators can be gentle peels, Vitamin A derivatives (retinols) or scrubs- all should be used at the end of the day and varied according to your skin needs.

We need to exfoliate more as we get older and so an excellent method of exfoliation is a good investment.

and finally …….ALWAYS wear an SPF, 365 days a year.

We will be offering skin care starter kits with our advanced facials from June 2021 so if you would like the burden to be taken from you please do enquire during booking.

Finally- look what they are saying about Nu Era Skin Tightening! for a quick testimonial in the ‘The Beauty Bible’ have a read. If skin laxity is your main concern you must see this, Radio Frequency skin tightening is the most natural and stress free method of toning and conditioning the collagen in your skin.

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