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Did you know- collagen makes up around a third of our body’s protein? Did you also know that we have around 16 types of collagen spanning the skin, bones, muscles and connective tissue? Collagen is SUPER important to us in so many ways, it allows us to bend and flex and keeps our skin super elastic for as long as possible. What a great thing we have here. Collagen in skin makes up 75% of the extra -cellular matrix (ECM) and gram for gram some types are stronger than steel!!

I mean how good does this stuff get?!

It is a fascinating idea that we can make such an ingenious substance while our bodies are forming in the womb and that it will last us the rest of our lives, allowing us to enjoy full mobility in our bodies and expression contours in our faces.

While we celebrate this remarkable protein we also have to appreciate that it will eventually begin to weaken with age, resulting in changes to the way we look and feel. Chronological aging take place naturally and with that the fibres and chains of collagen, called fibriles , naturally become weaker. We can often see this change directly in our faces. The angle of our jaws begin to soften, gentle folds and contours begin to form around the eyes, under the eyes and cheeks.

Hormones also play a part of course and the mid life can be a challenging time- if you find that your mood and energy levels have also changed recently as well as your skin it might be a good time to check in with www.themenopausedoctor.co.uk- I highly recommend it.

It still matters if you are reading this and are well under the age of 50- the time to act to prevent environmental aging is when you are young! The advice is still the same…..

There comes a point at which you may look in the mirror and wonder where your youthful glow went! and realise that you do look a little older.

In addition to this our lifestyles can contribute to this effect making it more dramatic- sun aging (photo-aging), smoking, drinking alcohol and stress WILL inevitably damage the collagen more and speed up the degeneration.

So what do we do now?!

Although aging is part of a beautiful process of life sometimes we would still like to restore the health to the beauty of our skin. It is usually at this point that most clients arrive in the salon looking for some kind advice, help or a solution to a problem.

If you book a consultation with us you can be assured an honest and balanced approach. We try exceptionally hard to manage your expectations and start you on your skin journey. This will involve a program of advice that will include what treatments to have at Skinfit and what homecare we recommend you use to support it.

We will be with you every step of the way….

Home help

In previous posts I have talked about the use of gentle acids such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid. Also Retinol and Hyaluronic acid. I was always taught that the only things a skin really needs from topical skin care are the ACE vitamin ingredients. This is widely backed up by medical science.

Vitamin A- otherwise known as a retinoid

Vitamin C- a skin brightening agent and free radical fighter

Vitamin E- for moisturisation and comfort

SPF- 365 days a year, no arguments or excuses!

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In addition to these I would now add Hyaluronic Acid which is a water loving humectant to help keep your Hydro- lipidic barrier function in tip top condition.

In Clinic Collagen Treatments

For salon/clinic treatments we would focus on the fibroblast stimulating treatments such as Nu Era Radio Frequency and HIFU. (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) which we are super excited to launch to our clients as of June 21. We also have the WOW facial treatment – that uses gentle facial peels and fusion needling to perk up your collagen production.

3D HIFU now Available at Skinfit Face and Body Clinic!

One thing to note is that if you have extremely photo aged skin the results you will get from advanced treatments may be marginal- so make sure it is not too late to review your product routine, use SPF, stay out of the sun and increase that water intake!

Good products, great treatments – all you need to keep your skin looking fabulous

Finally, if you are pleased with your visits to Skinfit Face and Body Clinic in Hampton please consider leaving us a Google review – every little helps and we are so grateful!

Enjoy the sunny days, blue skies and we hope to see you soon

Sam and the team


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