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For those of you who follow us regularly you will already know how much we love WOW facials. But for those who don’t, what is it about the WOW facial that makes it so special? On the face of it – so to speak!- it seems such a simple facial so how can it produce such great results?

Well this loops back around to our philosophy of using specific ingredients and techniques in order to keep the skin at its optimum health.

With so many advanced options available in the professional marketplace today including equipment based technologies, deep micro needling with more invasive radio frequency, advanced chemical peeling etc it might make you wonder whether the WOW series can be as effective…..

So let me explain how exactly it works:

The entire facial includes a series of techniques that can easily transform every skin, largely by using the principles of exfoliation and manual collagen stimulation. All done extremely gently rather than aggressively….. over the years I have worked with and seen many levels of treatment used for the improvement in the look of skin, not including the treatment of disease and disorder. One thing that has struck me is that you can achieve the same results over time using shorter needles, gentler peels and guided heat as you can with more aggressive treatments that need only one per 3-6 months.

The added bonus of the WOW facial is that it teaches you how easy it can be to look after your skin yourself at home- I mean REALLY teaches you. So you are in the driving seat and we can be on standby in the salon to step in and power up the routine whenever you feel the need.

The magic with the WOW facial begins with the quality of the products. They use the highest quality engineered peels using exact percentages of acids to gently but super effectively exfoliate your skin. These acids are suspended in a gel base which prevents the active ingredients from penetrating the skin too deeply, therefore are easily controlled for all skin types. These peels alone are enough to transform your skin.

The added step of WOW Fusion powers up the process of collagen regeneration and skin restoration using 24 carot gold plated needles to deliver a cocktail of multivitamins and pure hyaluronic acid into the skin. It give the skin zing!

WOW fusion is unique in that it can also be used to deliver topical toxin into the skin for the treatment of acne and rosacea.

LED light is used to stimulate collagen renewal and act as an anti inflammatory followed by the WOW mask which has an extra special formula of calming and soothing ingredients to restore the skin’s natural balance immediately, so there is absolutely no downtime and you leave the treatment room ready to glow!

We always apply SPF and Dermaplaning can be added for extra retexturing (highly recommended!)

WOW facial £145.00

WHAT IS NEW? ***Exciting NEWS!***

So the plan was always to create a menu for our clients that spanned as many skin health issues as possible. For our face menu we have now added the long awaited THERMAVEIN treatment – so watch this space for the next email…..it will contain everything you need to know about getting rid of those thread veins on the face and legs.

Check out Thermavein here : www.thermavein.com

watch this space……..

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