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The seasons are certainly changing. I always think that moving from summer to autumn/winter is such a glorious time, we finally get a definite season! I love the sunny chilled mornings wrapped up warm but smiling along with the bright winter sun.

Also, for us skin specialists this is the most exciting time of year- this is the time where we can really got to town with our clients skin!…

Once the summer is over and we know that the sun’s harmful rays are reduced considerably we can begin to offer you some pretty effective skin conditioning treatments to get your skin into tip top condition.

Some of the treatments we love to do at this time of year are:

Chemical Peels– to rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin, ridding the surface epidermal layer of any excess debris, pollution and dead skin cells. This is also the time to tackle pigmentation and the visible signs of aging.

Laser rejuvenation– to ‘power up’ your skin routine and give that collagen a nudge in the right direction

Thread vein removal– an ideal time to rid yourself of those pesky red thread veins on face or body ready for the New Year

Radio Frequency skin tightening and HIFU – getting ready for next years holiday season swimwear.


Why not think about having a new consultation with us? All of our therapists have been trained to the highest standard when it comes to advising you on the best course of action for your skin. We also offer impartial advice, related to your own skincare and not just the skin care that we work with here at the clinic! We make sure we keep up to date with what is on offer online and on the shelves- after all it is what we love best..

Our consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to book a treatment on the day.


This is also the time of year that we see more clients presenting with what we call Rosacea.

So what is rosacea?

Typical rosacea presents as an excess of red capillaries on the cheeks, nose and chin along with excess high colour and sometimes breakouts on the area. The condition can be made worse by:

Changes in temperature- from hot to cold or cold to hot

Alcohol consumption

Aggressive product use

Hormonal activity


Rosacea is actually caused by a low level infection of the sebaceous glands- these are the oil glands that lubricate the hair shaft in each hair follicle. We have literally millions of these all over the body but the most reactive are those on the face chest and back. The presence of the infection leave the skin in a state of high alert resulting in an over production of NEW capillaries forming around each tiny follicle, this makes the area very pink and the activity can cause breakouts by stimulating bacteria.

Some people carry this infection naturally and it is not something that can be treated easily and effectively unless the condition becomes severe enough to be treated with antibiotics. Sometimes it can appear as a result of other health conditions, medications or stress.


If the condition is not considered to be severe it is entirely possible to manage it using the correct treatment and skincare ingredients. Gently clearing the sebaceous glands with lactic or salicylic acid and keeping the skin clean and clear of excess oils can offer some relief. Once the skins hydrolipidic film has regained some balance the capillaries will naturally regress.

We offer treatment programs and homecare advice for rosacea and we are experienced in this advice.


We are super excited to be able to throw open our doors to you all this November and invite you in to see our most popular treatments close up. We are hosting a live demo afternoon and experience day complete with expert advice and the opportunity to book your chosen treatments at a discounted price on that day only. We will have our therapists on hand to offer you expert advice on any area that you need to help with. They will be showing you our treatments and talking you through their benefits and advantages for your skin.

There will be chance to book free consultations leading on from the event.

Pre- booking is required so that we can manage numbers in the rooms and each booking is subject to a £10 booking fee which is fully redeemable against treatments or product purchases on the day.

You can book directly with us so just call or email to book a place. Time slots will be at 30 minute intervals.

We all still wear PPE and masks and our cleaning protocols are remaining permanently so your safety as well as ours remains our priority.

We look forward to seeing you finally- in a more relaxed but still safe, environment!

Watch this space for more info coming soon…….

Have a great week

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