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It’s here! Winter has arrived. We know it is going to happen but we are rarely prepared for the changes that such a dynamic season brings. Apart from our heating bills rising and the desire to stay indoors as much as possible our bodies, particularly our skin, undergoes a change.

The lower temperatures mean that our vital reserves of energy, water and nutrition are all directed inwards to our core and, importantly, our internal organs to maintain heat in the body. As a secondary effect the skin will change its priorities and instead of releasing heat and producing more oil it will use its energy stores for preparing for the cold by flexing the erector pili muscle (found in the dermis to create ‘goosebumps’ !) and slowing down activity to sleep through the colder climate.

So what does this mean to us when we look in the mirror??

Well, with the slower activity we produce less oil meaning that our skin can become drier in the winter this in turn will lesson the skins ability to offer protection against attack and can result in a more sensitive appearance and unwelcome breakouts. Blood capillaries shrink away from the surface of the skin giving a paler complexion and yet rush to fill as soon as a blast of artificial heat hits the surface (walking into a warm shop after being in the cold). The skin flushes a bit more easily as it will be more obvious against the paler background. Any water left on the surface of the skin quickly evaporates with the colder air and the effects of central dry heating leaving the skin more dehydrated than normal but with less chance to normalise than in the warmer months because of the inactivity.

So be prepared- your skin may be feeling drier, tighter and a little more sensitive! Oily skins may be happier with the lesser flow but still may be feeling uncomfortable with less water. Dry skins will be crying out for more moisturisation- but what is the right thing to do?!

We have found through years of treating winter skin that this is the time of year for some serious TLC, gentle exfoliation with some high quality peels or exfoliators and get as much moisture into and onto the skin as possible. Any treatment that focuses on properly hydrating the skin is best- we also ramp up the massage at this time as well because the additional stimulation and oil really gives your skin the LOVE it deserves (and there’s plenty there for the soul as well 🙂

For your homecare, please review your moisturisers- add a hyaluronic acid serum for day and try some retinol night care for overnight pizzazz!. And of course still always apply an SPF of at least 30 EVERY DAY.

We recommend Circadia Moisture on Demand and Overnight Repair with the addition of Vitamin C serum for brightness and anti oxident effects.

For treatment why not try a WOW facial or a super hydrating Five Star Facial by Hydro2?…..

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